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                        Welcome to Huzhou Hyundai Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.!

                        ADD: No.88, Jing Yi Road, Wuxing Street, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province

                        Zip Code: 313000

                        Tel: +86-572-3972043 / 2281777

                        Fax: +86-572-3979298

                        E-mail: sales@hzhyundai.com

                        Url: www.zgkzjz.com

                        About Us/ About us

                        Your Location: Home >> About Us

                        The company is invested by HYUNDAI Loom (Asia) Co.,Ltd. introduce the core technology from JULIBAO trademark machinery, and joint venture. The company at Jingyi Road of Huzhou city, raffic convenience. The controlling shareholder is the leading manufacture of textile machine, label loom and aided machines of textile at internal. It has strong technology and funds strength.
                        To explore the market further, cooperating with oversea corporation and found the Huzhou HYUNDAI textile machinery Co.,Ltd., planning to introduce advanced technology from international, producing medium and high-grade high speed rapier loom, label loom and aided machines of textile professionally.
                        We put in more technology to make our products better and better, we are walking on the road of technical development. Follow the idea of servicing for customers, try our best to meet customers' command. Your command is the source of ours forward power.
                        The product and service quality have got great advancement, some model loom have the same quality as the famous loom manufactures international. The products is favorable price, simple maintenace and easy to operate, the products which is produced by the machine has the classic level in industry. less raw materials wasting, high productivity and high quality equipment make the great benefit for you. Perfect after-sales service system, and the comprehensive support form R&D department make you keep the leading pace.
                        We have got a great success in China, obtained the advantaged technology enterprise of nanxun district. "" is the famous brand of Huzhou city, the quality-trusted enterprise award form Chinese Enterprise Agency Reported, customer trusted enterprise award from Consumers Association. The keeping promises enterprise award from movement, AAA enterprise award from Nanxun Credit Bank.
                        The products sold out to more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and South-Eastern Asian countries. Deep trusted and favorable comment from the customers, welcome new and old customers come for negotiating. We will do our best to meet you command.